Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Sunday 23 Aug 09

First time on Eva Air - I didn't know what to expect, so had pretty low expectations. Overall the experience was pretty good! The Taiwanese air stewardesses were quite pretty too - a few looked like Taiwanese actresses heh. Thankfully I had good seats on the way there - especially for the long haul (11 hour stretch from Taoyuan to Seattle) - where I could half-stretch my leg out on the side compartment.

~ SIN - TPE: 4hrs 35min ~
~ TPE wait time: 5hr 15min ~

DFS in Taoyuan Airport - LA MER? *snigger*

Had plenty of time in Taoyuan before my connecting flight to Seattle, so I walked around the airport and explored every inch of it. Even found a free massage chair (rather painful though) and tried out iGallop at a pharmacy. Spent the remainder of my time on MSN chatting with people back in Singapore (I love my ipod touch for reasons like this).

~ TPE - SEA: 11hrs ~

After waiting a while for my brother's flight - we got picked up at Seattle Airport!

After settling into Rach's friends' apartment (John & Jo-ae) where we would be staying the night, we set out to look for some food and settled on Dominos. Wasn't our first choice (we got kicked out of the pub/bar cos Rach & Aaron didn't bring their id!) but the pizza was GOOD. John & Jo-ae's apartment was so lovely & the hosts were extremely hospitable - pity I didn't think of taking pictures at their place!

Monday 24 Aug 09

After sleeping in some, out for some good dim-sum!

Rach & Jason had to do some planning, so Kor & I scuttled out of their way and preoccupied ourselves with the Pike Place market.

Fresh blueberries that we thought we could keep for Mum & Dad when they arrived later that evening...but we finished the whole box! :p

Had a nice time catching up with Kor, eating blueberries, trying to hit pigeons, relaxing by the pier & doing some suntanning :)

Flowers Rach & Jason bought for John & Jo-ae!
(notice the leaf in Aaron's nose hehe)

We picked Mum & Dad from the airport early, dropped off their stuff at the hotel and arranged to have dinner together at Alki, a seafood place across the sea from downtown Seattle.

The crew! (minus Aaron)

After dinner Rach & Jason drove back to Burlington while we stayed the night at Seattle Pacific Hotel, resting up for the next day at Pike Place market.

Tuesday 25 Aug 09

The space needle from afar.

The 2 'pig's in front of THE pig!
A cool take-away sandwich stand.

Back to Pike Place Market!
Ugly fish.

So fresh so fresh.

There's tons to see and do just in Seattle downtown itself (like the underground sewer walk or the legendary duck tours), but we decided to stick to just have a relaxing day at the market. Best decision; hassle & stress-free. We took in the sights & smells @_@ of the market, and chanced upon a clam chowder cafe which was delicious. We had a lovely lunch with a great view of the pier. We had to try to dungeness crab of course; the meat was unbelievably sweet (they must have added smtg @_@) & the shell so soft and easy to break through. I don't know why I didn't take pictures...too busy eating I suppose. Topped with tea/coffee at the Crumpet Shoppe & buying enough fruits to last us for 2 weeks :) I love markets.

Dad in the foreground...leaving the market in the late afternoon.