Friday, November 30, 2007

Perth - Day 2

Had a marvelous breakfast/lunch with Su Re! Arrgh wanted to kick myself for forgetting to bring my camera out. A good thing she did! I want pictures Lau Su Re! And this was just after a lovely chat with good ol'friends from sc the night before. Sigh. You know the feeling when you meet up with some friends and there doesn't seem to be any time lapse between your last chat/meet-up, even though it had been ages? It's can pick-up where you left off, and a wave of nostalgia and warmth hits you all over again :)

Off to pick some strawberries! :)

Finding our way to Strawberry Fields, an hour's drive away from Kor's place.

strawberries ripe for the pickin'!

we actually just missed peak harvest season by just a few weeks!

Amazing skies.

Ripe for the pickin' aight. Got strawberry-sick from eating too many :P

The strawberry field-owners have a bear for a dog. woof.

Slacked around for a while before going for....
Vietnamese dinner! :)

Yummy thick avocado shake in the background.
Ate till i nearly burst :|

Perth - Day 1

Long travelator ride to gate E28. Boarding gate at 1935hrs. Perth here I come!

Cold and rainy touchdown in Perth.

Okay, from here on I failed to take any photos in the afternoon, because
1)I was too busy eating
2)I was too busy shopping
Hey, those are good excuses okay. Anyway. Kor & Regina brought me to DOME for a scrumptious breakfast/lunch (cos it was lunchtime but I had a breakfast platter :P) It was blessing in disguise really that all the indoor seats were taken, because the air and scenery outside was so much fresher and welcoming :)And ahhh...had an affogato, which was really nice! :D I always served in Gelare, but never tried it myself. Of all the coffee places, I would have to say that DOME was definitely a great place to taste affogato for the first time :)

Did some mucking around at home for while before leaving for crabbing in the evening.

Crabbing photos!

having our 2am 'supper' at a chinese restaurant after crabbing

And guess what the highlight of our supper was :)

Okay wayyyy past bedtime, at this rate I'll prob oversleep my breakfast appointment with SuRe! :| Can't wait! :D