Friday, November 30, 2007

Perth - Day 1

Long travelator ride to gate E28. Boarding gate at 1935hrs. Perth here I come!

Cold and rainy touchdown in Perth.

Okay, from here on I failed to take any photos in the afternoon, because
1)I was too busy eating
2)I was too busy shopping
Hey, those are good excuses okay. Anyway. Kor & Regina brought me to DOME for a scrumptious breakfast/lunch (cos it was lunchtime but I had a breakfast platter :P) It was blessing in disguise really that all the indoor seats were taken, because the air and scenery outside was so much fresher and welcoming :)And ahhh...had an affogato, which was really nice! :D I always served in Gelare, but never tried it myself. Of all the coffee places, I would have to say that DOME was definitely a great place to taste affogato for the first time :)

Did some mucking around at home for while before leaving for crabbing in the evening.

Crabbing photos!

having our 2am 'supper' at a chinese restaurant after crabbing

And guess what the highlight of our supper was :)

Okay wayyyy past bedtime, at this rate I'll prob oversleep my breakfast appointment with SuRe! :| Can't wait! :D

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