Saturday, May 31, 2008

i had the most interesting conversation with ben...

hey ben, how have u been
I am currently idle.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'll be back to do some hardcore blogging...after my paper tomorrow!

Stay tuned.

And here's what's been keeping me busy.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stockholm -[cruise]- Helsinki - Moscow - St Petersburg - Riga - Stockholm

View of Stockholm from Gabriella
A little while afterwards, still in the archipelago.

Yocksong randomly waving to someone on shore!

After deciding we had enough of the cold on the deck, we decided to explore the ship!

It's a real party boat, with lots of booze and places to party. Although the disco floor had only 3 people at night...but it was entertaining, to see them flailing their arms while trying to keep upright :p (not because of the boat, but because they were intoxicated :p)

An elderly couple dancing away to the live music in the lounge...awww.

Karoke - Finnish style!
Hea hea hea!

Lots of tax-free alcohol.
Our highlight of the boat - dinner buffet!

They had at least 8 different kinds of herring! Been wanting to try that...heard it's the fish of the scandinavian area. Well, turns out - it's really too rich for my palette :/
Finland is one hour behind
First sight of Helsinki, Finland!

30 April - Stockholm, Sweden

My journey:
Stockholm - Helsinki - Moscow - St Petersburg - Riga - Stockholm

I'm just gonna start blogging about the most recent trip I took - RUSSIA! :D

Never in my life did I think I would be able to see Russia...the 'closest' I've every gotten to it was through my godbro's cousin - celyn, who studies there. I remember when she first told me she was going to Russia to first thought was the harsh winter cold, trans-siberian railway and Anastasia. And of course, my secondary school history lessons. Although Russia was the highlight, the other cities we (literally) sailed through were pretty sights too.

This was a kinda-school trip arranged by an external organization, open to students from all Scandinavian schools. So naturally, us exchange students (with our priorities all mixed up :p) took the opportunity to travel!! It was over 30 students in our group in all.

King and Queen of Sweden

Shopping street in Stockholm

Sweden - land of the moose
(having the highest density of moose in the world!)

Bridge leading to the Old Town; Gamla Stan

We stumbled upon a group of soldiers preparing their way up to the castle. We merely followed the crowd to see what was going on...

A whole of lot of people!! But we were still left wondering what was going on...
Until much later we realised that we were expecting the king! :D
Soldiers all lined up outside the entrance in anticipation.

The military band that was performing was fantastic! They sang too...and really well :) 

For more of their talent...ABBA Medley!
A little girl waving her Swedish flag
Different colour/unit
King Carl XVI Gustav!

After all that excitement, we met up with the rest of the Singaporeans and Taiwanese to walk around Gamla Stan before boarding the cruise ship to Helsinki.

The narrow, pretty streets of Sweden's Old Town.
The guys busy finding their way around while Carol and I were slacking and clowning around.
Ahh...alfresco dining in the warm weather :)

Inside Storkrykan, the Cathedral of Stockholm, 
where all the royal coronations and weddings took place.
Also where we saw St George and the Dragon statue (it didn't quite turn out well in my picture), a statue known its age and symbol. It's made out of oak and elk horn in the 15th century, and many believe that it represents Sweden's need to struggle against evil. 

View of Stockholm
Public buses with Swedish flags attached to the front.
Our stay for the night! - Gabriella