Thursday, April 30, 2009

Monday 27 April

Tulips are springing out from the ground! :)

Went to Nat Bailey Stadium just down south of our place: UBC Thunderbirds v Lewis-Clark State Warriors. It was sorta Thunderbirds' warm-up game for regionals. It was originally $4 entry but by the time I got my butt off the sofa and down to the stadium, they were playing 6th inning so it was 2/3 over...and the guy just let me in for free :) Was a good thing too - didn't wanna really stay and watch for 3 hours!

My first baseball game I watched was back in 2006, and we were sitting SO far up I couldn't really see the action, except from the big screen. But this was a non-pro college friendly, so I could get really close to the action! The skills were good enough for me to try and observe their play! It was exciting nonetheless :) Definitely not the same atmosphere as pro games like the Indians I saw in Cleveland, but it was interesting to watch :)

Pitcher no. 12 from UBC - he was fantastic! Very consistent, and 'out-ted' at least 2 batters!

Gearing up for the swing!

Baseball players are HUGE. They looked so tall and intimidating! Well, so are the a different way. They all had huge tummies...they looked like they were going to tip over any second.

Final score: 11-2 to UBC!

I was so tickled at how they manually change the score teeheehee. There are actually people behind the scoreboard to change the numbers. What a boring job...hope they get to at least watch a bit of the game.

(As I was cycling back) Pretty street!

Passed by Vancouver Community College - it has a city campus, with a small greenery but overlooking the city...beautiful view.

Tuesday 28 April

Tuesday is house dinner - Ingrid grilled salmon! Oh yum.

Wednesday 29 April

Yay! She received the flowers :) Happy Birthday Mum! 
Wish we could be there...

I wanted to be cultured and attend a free string quartet lecture concert at UBC. And I didn't wanna spend $$ taking the bus, so I ambitiously decided to cycle from the East side, all the way to the West where UBC campus is.

14km. I think I was mad.

This was where I officially gave up, and got off to walk for the first time. I was already near UBC, but I just couldn't bike up this hill!

I was utterly confused biking on the streets of wasn't anything like Copenhagen at all - no structure no fixed lanes. In cph you had to have hand signals, and you had to cross the street before you turned left etc. Here when I cycled on the road the buses honked at me. When I cycle on the pavement the pedestrians block me...and I felt kinda silly wearing a bike helmet and cycling on the pavement -_-

Was a nice park bench where I decided to rest...a sweet dedication to a couple.

I FINALLY reached...after 2 hours! @_@ Was a good work out I must say...probably won't do it again. I'll just pay for the bus ride :p So I met up with Jason & Jie, but by then we were 15min late for the lecture concert, and it was kind of a private setting so it wasn't nice to go we just headed straight for dinner :p So much for being cultured!

Heading towards Jason's truck. I couldn't cycle no he took over!

Vancouver School of Theology (VST)
the other theology grad school.

MEGA tulips...the size of our heads!
(I like this picture :))

Prayer Labyrinth

You're supposed to walk and meditate...very cool. I only had time to walk till there :( 

Still walking to Jason's truck parked at Regent...
Jie decided to hitch a ride! :) I like this pic too!

We went to Dentry's for dinner where I had fish & chips and 12 wings :p I was hungry after so much bikiiing. It was Jason's friend's birthday - didn't know majority of the people there, but it was nice to see a familiar face from last year. Looking forward to the class I'm auditing at the end of May - Spiritual Discernment!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vancouver Day 2

Jie's room - it's really neat! 
Was surprised at how neat she kept it hehe.

The view from her window - her room is on the 2nd floor.

Rach & Ingrid

Our lunch - a mixture of leftovers! (doesn't look too bad huh)

Her house is really happening...full of music and chattering. AND the smell of coffee...whoo :)
Melissa & Nance jamming on the front porch on a sunny afternoon!
Basking in the sun :)

Took a walk down Commercial Drive after lunch...I love how the streets ends with so much greenery :)

Beautiful flowers (not sure if it's cherry blossoms) against a white house.

After doing some errands we parked ourselves in an cafe along Little Italy (which doesn't look very much like Little Italy to's too clean :p) and drank really strong coffee @_@ and chilled.

The in-your-face gaudy decor...which yeah, was the whole point I guess!

Cherry blossoms! :) 

Haven't seen so many cherry blossoms before...saw some in DC at the basin (but it wasn't blooming yet :/) and at Copenhagen during the Sakura Festival at Langelin Park...but those were not more than 8 trees I think? Beautiful :)

I have so much time to blog now...cos Jie doesn't have a TV! @_@ gasp. It's so strange not to have a TV in the house. Gives me time to do other stuff I guess! 

Prob one of my last flights on SQ...

Jellyfish at Vancouver Airport

Jason & Jie picked me up at the airport!

As the plane descended, I was reminded of how beautiful Vancouver really is...the scenery was lovely! A city so close to snow-capped mountains. And the weather was fantastic! Cool and sunny...Jie said that it just had a turn for the better just this week! Yay :)

Jie's cosy little townhouse-like home, where she lives with 4 other gals.

Jie cooking dinner for us - basil tomato-based pasta

Jason getting in on the action :)

He does this twisty thing to make sure the pasta gets cooked evenly...

and voila!

Oh yum.

Watched a bit of Ip Man before crashing...had a little headache upon coming here - think I'm still jetlagging a little! Had quite a flight...sat next to an elderly lady who didn't speak much english...and as I found out, could get quite...restless when sleeping. Was watching Departures (some Jap show about preparing dead bodies...btw, bad idea to watch it while eating meat. Felt a bit sick throughout the rest of the journey), when her hand flung over to my side and nearly hit me on the face! I was quite shocked and amused at the same time. But I decided not to risk it and moved to another empty seat when I wanted to sleep :p no offense granny. 

I love the shining sun this morning...Jie's housemates are sunbathing on the porch as I type this! :) 

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Haha I only just saw Carol's blogpost...that's how detached from blogging I've been (only saw it 3 weeks after??).

Excuse me while I shamelessly link her post here...well yeah, because she mentioned me (I'm privileged!), but also...a reminder of times in school that I will look back with a smile! Thanks Carol for blogging :)

ps: yeah the CPR/resuscitation is not working out too well.