Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prob one of my last flights on SQ...

Jellyfish at Vancouver Airport

Jason & Jie picked me up at the airport!

As the plane descended, I was reminded of how beautiful Vancouver really is...the scenery was lovely! A city so close to snow-capped mountains. And the weather was fantastic! Cool and sunny...Jie said that it just had a turn for the better just this week! Yay :)

Jie's cosy little townhouse-like home, where she lives with 4 other gals.

Jie cooking dinner for us - basil tomato-based pasta

Jason getting in on the action :)

He does this twisty thing to make sure the pasta gets cooked evenly...

and voila!

Oh yum.

Watched a bit of Ip Man before crashing...had a little headache upon coming here - think I'm still jetlagging a little! Had quite a flight...sat next to an elderly lady who didn't speak much english...and as I found out, could get quite...restless when sleeping. Was watching Departures (some Jap show about preparing dead bodies...btw, bad idea to watch it while eating meat. Felt a bit sick throughout the rest of the journey), when her hand flung over to my side and nearly hit me on the face! I was quite shocked and amused at the same time. But I decided not to risk it and moved to another empty seat when I wanted to sleep :p no offense granny. 

I love the shining sun this morning...Jie's housemates are sunbathing on the porch as I type this! :) 

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