Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vancouver Day 2

Jie's room - it's really neat! 
Was surprised at how neat she kept it hehe.

The view from her window - her room is on the 2nd floor.

Rach & Ingrid

Our lunch - a mixture of leftovers! (doesn't look too bad huh)

Her house is really happening...full of music and chattering. AND the smell of coffee...whoo :)
Melissa & Nance jamming on the front porch on a sunny afternoon!
Basking in the sun :)

Took a walk down Commercial Drive after lunch...I love how the streets ends with so much greenery :)

Beautiful flowers (not sure if it's cherry blossoms) against a white house.

After doing some errands we parked ourselves in an cafe along Little Italy (which doesn't look very much like Little Italy to's too clean :p) and drank really strong coffee @_@ and chilled.

The in-your-face gaudy decor...which yeah, was the whole point I guess!

Cherry blossoms! :) 

Haven't seen so many cherry blossoms before...saw some in DC at the basin (but it wasn't blooming yet :/) and at Copenhagen during the Sakura Festival at Langelin Park...but those were not more than 8 trees I think? Beautiful :)

I have so much time to blog now...cos Jie doesn't have a TV! @_@ gasp. It's so strange not to have a TV in the house. Gives me time to do other stuff I guess! 

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David said...

Heh, Carol was really shocked you started blogging again and sp she mentioned it to me. Now i know why! No tv huh... Are you getting withdrawal symptoms yet? :) Maybe you'll have time to finish blogging about exchange before a whole year passes! We aim to do the same too!