Monday, April 23, 2007


Leaving for Cambodia in about 18 hours time for 2 weeks (overseas community service) - really looking forward to it! Will be touching down in Phnom Penh and staying there for the 1st 2 days, afterwhich will be bus-sing down to Siam Reap where the school is, and where the real work begins! Yes, we'll be building a road in a place where they don't drive cars, BUT it's more for accessibility TO the place qiang!! -_- AND we're gonna be teaching too...which reminds me i'd better finalize the materials now :P

Things I hope to achieve during my trip:
1. Look around to observe His creation.
2. Spend a solid half hour with God daily.
3. Write letters.

Your prayers for safety are much appreciated it! :)


BEN & JERRY'S FREE CONE DAY!! AWESOME. Brenda you're so fortunate that B&J celebrates with you.

People take to jm so easily...;)

Yummy yummy eclairs! (THANKU for looking after me!...and making me fat in the process :P)

From here! (I should be paid for doing their marketing)

Something to greet me on Saturday morning! (Although it was already afternoon when I woke up and saw it on my table :P) Glad my parents are home and safe!

Princess Pearlyn's Birthday

One of my SC friends celebrated her 21st about 2 weeks ago...on a yacht! fellow squasher princess p! :) Heh she's the nicest and most apologetic sportswomen i've ever met! So generous and cute ahaha.

Our 'entree'!

The boat was huge! As large as a normal 3-room flat or something. This was the 'bar' counter overlooking the kitchen. In the foreground is the living room area.

She ordered pizza for dinner...except it came in the form of a chef instead of a pizza box!

One HUMONGOUS longevity bun.

The large guest bedroom (the master bedroom was the largest - it had an adjoining bathroom!) with Alvina preening in the mirror heh. Really enjoyed catching up on old days, reminiscing secondary school days and just updating each other about life!

One of FOUR of amazing cakes that ppp had! She designed this one herself - neat!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Headed to my kitchen to quieten my rumbling stomach. Saw a roll of durian sticky kueh and decided to cut a piece for myself. Took out the knife out from the wooden holder and had it poised ready to slice the kueh into half. To my horror the entire knife was covered in ANTS! I'm not exaggerating. Ok I probably shouldn't be writing about this in public, since many of you have been to my eat. haha. No worries, as long as you don't have a stomachache, you're fine. ANYWAY, discovered an entire COLONY of ants hiding beneath the knives holder! Was so shocked when I lifted it up that I NEARLY flung it across the kitchen. Just to show you exactly how many ants there were -

Decided not to risk poisoning my family members by spraying shieldtox, so I drowned them...every single one (I hope). The knives holder is still soaking in my kitchen sink...shudder. I feel itchy just thinking about it.

Oh well. Checking/sending/replyin emails, a few hours of watching snippets of Friends and a battle with the kitchen ants later...and I'm still working on ONE chapter of Company Law. Here's to a long night/morning ahead!