Monday, April 23, 2007

Princess Pearlyn's Birthday

One of my SC friends celebrated her 21st about 2 weeks ago...on a yacht! fellow squasher princess p! :) Heh she's the nicest and most apologetic sportswomen i've ever met! So generous and cute ahaha.

Our 'entree'!

The boat was huge! As large as a normal 3-room flat or something. This was the 'bar' counter overlooking the kitchen. In the foreground is the living room area.

She ordered pizza for dinner...except it came in the form of a chef instead of a pizza box!

One HUMONGOUS longevity bun.

The large guest bedroom (the master bedroom was the largest - it had an adjoining bathroom!) with Alvina preening in the mirror heh. Really enjoyed catching up on old days, reminiscing secondary school days and just updating each other about life!

One of FOUR of amazing cakes that ppp had! She designed this one herself - neat!!

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