Monday, July 03, 2006

Carol driving us to watch a Cleveland Indians game! =)

The names of baseball players on the sidewalk outside Jacobs Field (the home of the Indians)

The HUGE screen! WOOHOOO! The atmosphere is awesome! We got cheapo $7 seats so we were sitting way WAY WAYYY up at the top of the stadium. It was pretty scary, about 5 storeys high!

The pitch!

A marriage proposal on the BIG screen!

The floodlights surrounding the stadium. The sky was really nice and pretty...until 2 hours later, there were ominous clouds practically racing towards us and there was lightning every few was pretty scary. We concluded that we got to see a baseball game AND a lightshow heh.

Part of the stadium at night...beautiful.

The entrance gate of our seats.

Sweet! I love baseball!!

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