Thursday, July 13, 2006

Taste of Singapura

My mom sent over foodstuff in the mail, like curry powder, tom yum paste...oooh. Was SO happy to receive something from home...I love you Mom! =D

Sharing the wondering chicken curry I cooked with my apartment mates! Nobody had stomach ache from my cooking so that was a good sign.
Left to right: Babora from Slovakia, me, Lenka & her boyfriend Dominque from Czech Republic

Enjoying the local flavour with Danny while waiting for poor Carol to come back from work =P

The guys are crazy, it was like 2 smtg in the morning, and they suddenly decide to have steamboat! This is Britmand and Thomas preparing the 'liao'.

The pre-steamboat stage.

I didn't stay for the steamboat party so I didn't manage to take photos of the cooked food heh.

A yummy chinese dinner cooked bby Carol...yummmy. And yes we use containers cos we're too cheapo to buy proper plates haha.

The chef!

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