Thursday, July 13, 2006

OUR PAYCHECK FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANY!! The accident was really a blessing in disguise (thankfully none of them got hurt of course)...we paid 1,000usd for the car, and got back 931usd! so in total we paid...69usd, which is around S$140 for a vehicle with 4wheels that works that can take us places. Woot!

Now that Gabe is on his way back to Singapore (take care Gabe! Praying for you and Charles.), it's just me, Ambrose and Carol left on our after-Cedarpoint travels. We sent the car for a full check-up and the engine belt was replaced among other things, but thankfully the mechanic said the car is in a much better shape that he expected! So Pennslyvania, here we come! We're leaving on the 25th of July for Penn (last day of work is 24th July, only 12 days more! Wow the weeks go by so fast), so your prayers for a safe drive is much appreciated. It takes about 6 hours to get to Penn, and hopefully we'll be seeing nice sights and scenery on the way there!

Close-ups haha.

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