Sunday, July 23, 2006

2 more days and no more Cedarpoint ever again! It's actually bittersweet leaving this place...I foresee that when I return home on national day, and when I'm over my jetlag, that this past 3 months has been a dream. Work had been pretty crazy, overworked & underpaid...severely. But the people and the experience here has been priceless and absolutely wonderful. Never again will I experience the kind of freedom that they have here, in speech, thoughts, anything! People will just start talking to you out of the blue and making comments...and if you do that in Singapore, people will just look at you like you've gone crazy.

BUT BUT BUT. I MISS THE FOOD AT HOME SO BAD. Gosh. During lunch break today (at 5:30pm ironically), was sitting with Nick, Isaac, Karen & Reina, and they wouldn't stop talking about food. Chicken rice, ou-luak (the oyster omelette), curry fish head, baku-luat, hokkien mee, ba chor mee, ban mian, duck rice...ARGH the list goes on! We plan to have a makansutra-like food trail when we go back, just hop into someone's car and go around the whole of singapore to eat. Just when I thought I was fat, I think I'll go back even fatter after a week home in singapore =P

On Tuesday, we (Ambrose, Carol & I) are driving to Pennsylvania for 3 nights, then driving to New Jersey and staying there for 3 nights (hopefully to see Princeton & Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum), and then driving to Boston for 3 nights (to see Harvard, MIT among other things...also to either sell or dump our car there hehe) and then a Chinatown bus to New York where we'll spend our last 3 nights in the States, before taking a plane on August 7th back hooooooome!!

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