Friday, July 28, 2006

Gabe, Ambrose, Yongchang, Carol & I took a day trip to Chicago to see the sights! This was about 2-3 weeks ago heh. Sorry for the slow updates...oh yeah, a DAY before Gabe got fired =P But he's home now, all safe and sound and happy. There's lots of pics, so I'll just put up a few. We set off at about 2am, with Carol driving and I navigating and keeping her company. After that it was Ambrose and then took about 5hours or so, so we were there by 8:30am, thankfully we didn't get caught in the traffic jam. What I didn't realise was that Chicago was 1hour behind from Sandusky, so we gained time going there, but lost time in coming back.

The interesting infrastructure of Chicago

An open lawn (Grant Park) in the Millenium Park where they hold concerts and functions, it's big! We parked here for the day, and spent the day walking around.

The Bean. Yes, that's what it's called. You'd think they'd come up with a more stylo-milo name...go figure.

One of my favourite photos! Haha we look like kids here, and we're so colour co-ordinated...

Monkey-ing around for a bit. We asked this guy on his way to work to help us take this picture, and he was really nice about it, and even started to make conversation. I was thinking wah, he's so late for work and he still want to stay and chat with us, cos it was already 9:30am by then. Then I realised that in Chicago was 1 hour behind heh.

We popped by Dunkin Donuts for a quick was really good timing, as soon as we stepped in, no more than 5minutes later, it started POURING! It was pretty heavy rain...and when we finished up our breakfast, it stopped raining. Like magic =) It was a really clear day for the whole time after that, thank God.

Lemon Juice in a packet...?!?!

Chicago Theatre! They were showing Wicked, but didn't have time to watch it...

NBC in Chicago, where Oprah Winfrey does her shows...

Yongchang climbing the Sears Tower heh. It is one of the most famous buildings in Chicago. It was actually the highest skyscraper in the world at one point of time, until the Petronas Towers in KL took over, by just a few more feet - by longer antennas. Haha.

The view from atop the Sears Tower...many famous people have come for chicago, many blues artistes, charlie chaplin, dan akroyd, ernest hemmingway...

Chicago Tribune! Kinda reminds me of Spiderman hehe.

Here at Navy Pier! Where all the shops and attractions are at, mostly touristy stuff =)

Gabe & Ambrose are sitting on some person that was famous or important to this city...poor guy.

The dock of Navy may look like some Chinatown place because of the red and the lanterns, but that's because the Shanghainese version of Cirque de Soleil was in town.

Ok have a lot more pictures to load up, but will do it next time, am very sleepy and have to wake up early to go to Philedephia tomorrow! Must jian fei, been eating so much sigh...

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