Friday, August 04, 2006

wow so many things have happened in the past ONE week...

I've finally left Cedarpoint, and the whole thing was so surreal, the packing to the squeezing things into the trunk, to the driving away for the place that I've LIVED in for the past 3 months...all the good and the bad, all the memories...I just can't believe I won't be seeing the people and the place again, won't be selling over-priced water (US$2.50) to guests, nor pushing out the carts (below), nor taking any of the awesome rides ever again.

Anyway we left for Penn, which was a 6-hour drive away. I have to truly thank God for safety and protection all the way, it's been amazing how He's been watching over Carol Ambrose and I as we travel from state to state, by car. Here's a little snippet of an incident that happened on the way there -

"God has been watching over us, it’s been quite amazing come to think of it! We were stopped by the police for speeding at 83mph (speed limit was 65mph). It was kinda scary at first, because the fines are known to get pretty hefty around here, and we don’t usually speed, but it was just in that span of about 10min that we got up to 80 that the police caught us. The blue and red flashing lights were coming up behind us and we knew we had to pull over…I can tell you that my heart sank, it really did. In the states you cannot and must not leave or get out of your car when stopped by the police, they have reason to be wary and a pull a gun on you if you do…serious! Anyway the policeman was highly unfriendly, shone his bright torchlight into the car and into our faces, demanded to see a driver’s license and car registration, while chewing away on his gum. When he saw the driver’s license he scoffed, “Singaaapore? Singapore??” What the…” Like he has NEVER heard of Singapore before, and looked at the driver’s license as if it was a fake, cos he said uncertainly, “We don’t accept this here…” But when we insisted that it was international, he stood there thinking for a while. I was thinking to myself that this was going to take a long while, and was going to be a tedious and painful process. But he merely flipped the driver’s license over again, practically threw it back at us, and said simply, “I don’t have time for this, goodbye.” And then he got back into his car and sped off, probably to prey on other speeding cars. We were kinda stunned for a few minutes, it was just like that, we got off the hook! Thank God for a slack policeman who couldn’t be bothered to give us a ticket =D"

Just one of the many things really...

Anyway when we were in Penn, we went spent a day at a factory outlet shopping, a day just bumming around in the resort, and the last day in Philadelphia, a historic little town where America's history all began with the signing of the Declaration of Independance...and where we also went to see the University of Pennsylvania (of which SMU is modelled after, their Wharton Business School)

The Independence Hall, where the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence took place, written by Thomas Jefferson & signed and announced by John Hancock.

The first few words of the Declaration...

Benjamin Franklin's grave...nothing to shout about really. He was born in Boston, but grew up Philedelphia where he played a huge part in creating the America that she is today.

The Philedelphia Museum of confirmed guaranteed by Ambrose haha. Carol & Ambrose were just arguing what this building was called. Anyway, if it seems familiar to some of you, it was shown in one of the Rocky's famous scenes...coming down the steps.

A giant monopoly iron! Ok, out of point.

Our wonderful and beloved Oldsmobile 1995 Cutlass. Sigh. It has been faithful to us till the very's another story of what happened to it (s story for another time), but just a 'sneak preview', the exhaust pipe came out when we took it to Atlantic City (New Jersey).

Trying to stuff ALL our luggage into the trunk, its was MAD. The back seat was full too haha.

The wonderful view of the beautiful Penn countryside...

Making my mark heh.

Ok that's all I the time I have for now...will keep this going for a while even after I reach home...on National Day! =D

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