Monday, August 07, 2006

First thing we did in New Jersey - outlet shopping at Jersey Gardens! Haha, yes that means more stuffing of new things into bags...I now have 3 huge bags!
This is the combined result of Ambrose Carol & I:

University of Pennslyvania at night...

While I was on the Chinatown bus from Boston to NY, was just counting the number of universities I've visited;
1. Columbia
2. University of Pennslyvia
3. Princeton
4. Yale (sort of)
5. MIT
6. Harvard

Carol ordering Chinese take-aways on the school campus, where I guess is open into the wee hours of the night to cater to the muggers in the school...

Princeton is so pretty! It's a whole town by itself, and it's so quaint and so very pretty...VERY upmarket too though, they had brands like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Bennetton along the streets across from the main campus. Imagine that. But it was so pretty =)

Shucks wanted to put up more pictures but the connection is slow and i gotta go catch some zzzzz. Till next time I guess!

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