Monday, August 07, 2006

It's my last full day in New the United States come to think of it. Where did the days go...and where did the months go.?It's been an amazing past 3 1/2 months, an experience that's once-in-a-lifetime...I miss home, but I know when I reach back to Singapore, I'll miss the States too. In 27.5 hours, I'll be on a 24hr flight back home...back to the humidity, back to wonderful home-cooked food, back to my bed and my bolster, back to family, back to the comforts and shelter, back to efficiency, back to Shalom, and soon, back to school (euch).

It's been a pretty good day today, as we have hardly any agenda for these few days in New York, we're basically just walking around, taking in the sights and sounds. The weather was not too warm, with some wind in the afternoon. We started off the morning...ok, LATE morning (cos we couldn't get us, as usual) with a trip downtown to the United Nations HQ. It was pretty interesting cos it was like having my 'A' level text come to life! We got to see the conference rooms of the Security Council, the General Assembly, the Economic & Social Development Security...just like what you see on the news! With the huge UN emblem at the back of the seat of the Secretary-General and his advisors. I bought a little UN flag just for fun hehehe. Now I feel a sudden urge to read my 'A' level history books...maybe not.

Just came back from Bloomingdales' and the Abercrombie & Fitch store, which Ambrose CANNOT get enough of. This is the 3rd time in 3 days there's he's been there!! He's a true A&F nut. Well, at least he got what he wanted today! We just came back to hotel to take a little rest bfore heading out again, to Times Square one last time, and to see the glass Apple Store at night.

On the train, Carol was just mentioning how amazing it was, that we're still in one piece so far...and I quite agree with her. We were forced to be independent, ignorant of the dangers that could have happened to us many times along the way, but God has seen us through thus far, it's pretty incomprehensible. Going through so many things has really opened up my horizons and the way I see the's not as small as I thought. Oh well, as a reply I told her, " FAT piece." I wish I could laugh that off as a joke...sigh! =D

Oh yeah my camera is kinda faulty, so not that many pictures of NY...I'll get them from Carol & Ambrose.

I miss home! =)

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