Thursday, August 10, 2006


I can't believe I'm already home! It's so surreal...and like I'm back to reality. It was a relief to see my parents, jie, rui & qiang at the arrival hall...such familiar and warm faces! =D Haha piggy Brenda supposed to come but she couldn't wake up...but that's ok. Dad actually tried to scare me (which he was successful at for about a minute or 2) that they forgot my flight was this morning...yeesh. I actually miss the's been an amazing experience! I'll continue to put up some pictures, but I hope to do up a photo album so I forget any of this great United States Adventure. =)

The pretty streets of Princeton

A Princeton Taxi

Richardson Auditorium

The pretty greenery of Princeton...there was preparation going on in the background (in the building under the arch) for a wedding!

You wouldn't believe that this is a school campus!

Seems to be a popular book in most of the ivy league colleges that we've seen...

The Princeton Public Library...pretty modern compared to their other buildings

Still the pretty streets of Princeton...

This is the student library, couldn't get access into it, but there was a small commemorative display talking about Princeton's history, was pretty interesting!

FINALLY. Found a ups box to drop-off the stuff that I wanted to return...was lugging it all the way from Ohio, searching high and low for a UPS that was open...

Their HUMONGOUS sports complex that goes all the way 4 storys UNDERGROUND! They even have a tennis court cool is that?

The inside of the huge main level of the sports complex

SMU trademark on the Princeton field...I just had to.

A few shots of the Princeton Theological Seminary...I just learnt that Princeton started out as a theological school, but somehow they don't make it very widely known...

The bust of Albert Einstein...he was in Princeton and made a large contribution to their society. They also make some revenue out of souveneirs because of him.

Albert Einstein's was so hard to find the exact location because it's not a tourist spot neither is it a museum, so it's not open to public and taken over by some society group that Einstein started. We had to drive up and down the lane looking for the numbers on the house...and since it was a narrow one-way lane, we couldn't stop to take pictures, especially if there was a car behind us! So we stopped for a second or two, got a few honks from the car behind, just to take this picture...of an ordinary-looking house. It goes that his study was on the second floor.

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