Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Random photos over the past month

Struggling...to keep up with the blogging times @_@

I shall try to post as much as I can now, so I can 'clear' my backlog of photos heh.

In Kongens Have (translated as the King's Garden)

Brightly lit Magasin, one of the largest (and high-class) shopping centres in Copenhagen...

Was cycling along on the street, when I just had to stop and take a picture of this. They are moving their heavy furniture from their balcony window!! How cool is that :P

They do that probably because of the way European-style houses here are generally very narrow and have a more 'closed' concept to their houses. For example, instead of a open living room leading to an open dining room, it's segregated into units, with only a door leading to each 'compartment' of the house.

The first day that we had beautiful weather...for once.
The sun was shining, had to catch the rays shining on the couch in Jiamin's living room.
What a rare sight. A beautiful day...which we spent slacking indoors :P

The place just downstairs of my place where the 'unrest' was going on. Our flatmate, a Dane, was one of the 'victims' whose car had been torched. I actually saw the burnt up cars on my way to school the day before I took this picture, but I couldn't take pictures cos I was uberly late for school @_@

On the way to Apotek (pharmacy), I passed by this greaaaat smelling place...mmmm. :)

At this point, I should probably explain why I was going to the Apotek in the first place. To those that do not know yet, I met with a leeetle accident last Monday. Leetle, but big enough to land me in ER to wait for the doctor to give me stitches. No, I didn't fall off my bicycle, so I'm sorry my dear waddles, you won't have the chance to say, "I told you so" :P The wound isn't actually very big, it's just 2 stitches. But anyway, was training at Valby-Hallen, and I crashed into an unidentifiable object (unidentifiable at the time of impact), and the next thing I knew, I was injured. To be honest, it really didn't hurt AT ALL (I'm not just saying it to reassure my family), but I was more freaked out by the blood than anything else. Going to take out my stitches tomorrow...eww. Was just thinking during my 2hour wait in the hospital, that lots of people get stitches...just not at age 21 @_@

But I got to see first hand, Denmark's famed social and welfare system. Apart from the 2hr wait, nurse was helpful, doctor was reassuring, and best of all, treatment was completely free! :)

Back to other photos...

A wonderful package, from a wonderful person, who had picked up my phone on the floor of London airport.

Nice people in the world:
  1. James, who found my mobile phone, went through all the trouble to find me, and mailed it back to me from the UK, and refused to accept any payment. Where do you find people like that in the world anymore.
  2. Unnamed man at Nyeland Cykler, who gave me those tiny caps to put on the spoke of my bicycle wheel for free :)
  3. A random Dane who asked about my chin in Danish, whilst cycling side by side. But of course, I couldn't reply in Danish :|

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