Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Camping at Diablo Lake 1-3 May

It was Jason B.'s brother's birthday (his name is Aaron too!) so his siblings and friends decided to go on a camping trip at a lake 2 hours from their home in Burlington. Trish arrived that week, so after her first night in Vancouver, we all packed off to take a drive down south! They camp a couple times every year...when we asked whether this camping was vacation, they said it's life!

Vancouver: North-West on the map
A: Jason B.'s home
B: Diablo Lake

Friday 1 May 09

Made a krispy kreme stop before stopping by at Jason B.'s place to pick up the camping stuff. The coffee was US$0.99! 1937 prices :)

While on the drive out to the lake, made a pit-stop at a look-out...a little cloudy and the sun was setting, so not much nice pictures. But it was steep!

Can you spot Tricia? :)
Jason B.'s ride - he jumpstarts it! I'll put up the video/pictures one day.

By the time we reached the campsite the sun was setting, so first things first - set up tent, and START FIRE! :)

Getting all cosy around the fire

Austin - Aaron B.'s dog. Too bad I don't have a better picture of him...he's a sweet pooch! He absolutely adores Aaron B., and actually whines and gets depressed whenever he's separated from him! Aww how sweet. I think it's the same for Aaron B. too :p

Enjoying home-made chilli soup, made by Jason B.'s sister...who is also called/spelled Tricia! Getting way to confusing here :p

Tricia B. and Aaron B.'s girlfriend, Sarah

Hunting for good marshmallow sticks! 
Tricia T. & Aaron B.'s friend, Brett

Steps to make a marshmallow stick:
  1. Carefully select and pluck off a thin long branch from a tree. The trick is to pluck it while it's still green so it does not catch fire over the campfire. Also, ensure it is a comfortable length to allow you to stand a distance from the smoke.
  2. Shave off the marshmallow end to make it pointy, if not pointy enough
  3. Burn the pointy end in the campfire to 'sterilize' it
  4. You're ready to load on the marshmallows!

Throughout the 2 days and 2 nights, the guys were busy chopping wood (dead & fallen) for our campfire! Man were they kept busy. Although it's back-breaking work, they actually enjoy it...they just kept continuously at it even though we had enough :p But we enjoyed the fruits of their labour - our 2nd/last night was so comfortable - we felt the warmth of the campfire from inside the tent! I didn't even wake up once :)

Brett (in blue), Aaron B. (in cap) & Joe (another of Aaron's friends)

The girls enjoying the warmth of the campfire :) It felt quite shiok sitting around doing nothing...the girls weren't expected to lift a finger!

Campfire marshmallows! 

Saturday 2 May 09

More wood! It's the big/thick ones that give the warmth...the twigs just catch fire easily.

The girls:
Rach, Tricia B., Tricia T., Sarah & me

We were bored so we decided to help hehe. 
Trish trying her hand - under Aaron B.'s watchful eye! 


Time to open Aaron B.'s presents! This is the one that Rach, Trish & I got for him..nicely wrapped by Trish in the moving car...kudos.
(With Austin looking on)

This one's from Jason B. - super comfy, ultra-padded flip-flops!

After opening the presents - my turn to chop wood! 

I was paranoid that I'd miss and hit my shin instead @_@ (That's what Brett told us he witnessed before...) But actually all you need is a good amount of concentration, hand-eye coordination & momentum. 


Disclaimer: After all that chopping, all 3 of us still couldn't get a chunk off -_-

Can't remember what flower this is...taken by Jie. Apparently quite rare to find it wild?

We played disc golf! 

So it was one of my favourite parts of the camp - steak lunch! It was an awesome deal - angus steaks (6 slabs) for only US$10! We marinated them and grilled them...oh yum.


Joy joy.

Burger patties!

This is the view from the public toilet (that's why Trish is holding a toilet roll!)
I like this jumping shot! :)

So after the energy from lunch, Trish & I continued hacking on that small piece of wood...and it FINALLY CAME OFF!! Woooo!

Aaron B. trying out one of his birthday gifts!

It was a super cute tiny fishing pole! (He cringed when I said that...he told me I can't call guys' toys "cute" haha...it's like calling guy's motorcycle "cute". No guy buys a motorcycle cos it's "cute"!) Meant for hikers...to fit into their backpacks. Was thinking of getting it for Dad but it couldn't really flick very far :/


Didn't get too far either.

View of Diablo lake

2nd night where we playing cards games, eating non-stop, reading books & watching the campfire. Tricia B.'s pointy hoodie was a scream :)

Sunday 3 May 09

Packing up to go home!

Keeping the mega tent that kept us warm :)

Last flames from the fire.

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