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NDP (Rehearsal 3) 2009

There was YF breakout before this...only went for an hour - it looked fuuuun. Pity I couldn't stay and join in on it! Super impressed with the simple but nice decor around the palm trees :) The group did a good job :) *thumbs up* 

Fighting our way through the crowds to collect our funpack

Mummy in the crowd

Collection of funpacks

I thought you wouldn't be able to choose the colour of your bag, but people just jam their way in and pick whatever they want on the table. Quite hectic in a lot of ways - It would be a lot more organised if people don't get to choose what they want and just be given a random bag and be shoved along. People linger to choose or to wait for a colour they want to be replenished on the table. Aside from the overly bright and bold colours (which I suspect was the point) of the bags, I really like it that it can be a tote bag :) It looks pretty decent - I must say they did a good job on the design...such that the tote didn't look like a disfigured version of a messenger bag :p

Being herded along up the stairs to the seating area. Completely elderly-UNfriendly. Some of the elderly folk were struggling up the staircase amidst the humid and muggy crowd.

Finally - an opening.

Red Lions!...? 

The descent -
I really like this shot :)

Very impressive, exciting and smooth landings!

Fighter Planes


I think this was the part where Sang Nila Utamah had to do a forced landing on Temasek because of stormy weather. 

I liked how they introduced the SAF - they showed this urgent news report (by Cheryl Fox) on a explosion that happened at Marina Bay, and all the forces came in to show off their equipment, skills and military might.

This is police chasing bad people by boat. Quite interesting to watch - they shot flares at the 'baddies' instead of real bullets (of course) so you could see the action. I wonder if the flares ever accidently landed into the boat before :p

Ooh must ask jm what's this called...the one that can suddenly 'jam brake' and change directions! It sprayed lots of water much to the people's (sitting at the merlion) delight.

Taking off.

The bit where they show off their military might.
Be very afraid. 

'Raiding' the audience.

Mum made a interesting observation - 8 out of 10 of them were wearing glasses. Aiyoh.


The area where I was staring at for a bit...until jm told me he was in the control room @_@ How embarrassing. People were wondering why I was turning around to take pictures when the action was in front.


Just learnt from chubbie that they have a back up contingency - a separate chopper with another flag...flying around somewhere in the West in case anything happens to this one. Pretty impressed - kiasu, but well-prepared.

Live firing from the river.

Distracted by the clouds and rays from the setting sun.

I like.

I like I like.

Mum with her heart.

Sampan? The puppets freak me out.

One of the things I really like about this year's NDP - this boxy thing, one on each side of the stage. At first glance it looks like a screen, but noooo - there are REAL people inside. I like. Mum counted - 56 on each side, 112 in total. So many people!

This. Is. Hilarious.
I think they haven't finished making all the space costumes, and just put a box over their heads.

My heart against the backdrop of the stage.

Simulated 'Electrico'.
The stand-in guy looked like he was having fun strumming the placard and singing to the words.


And guess who I saw - Yvonne Lieeeeewwww :D with her mum too! heh always nice to see a familiar ever-mischievous one at that.

I like this year's NDP - it was much simpler and unified in theme and had a smooth flow to it...yeah sure, it had the usual cheesy stuff like - what do you treasure, what does Singapore mean to you etc etc. But on the whole the show was pretty candid, less scripted and natural. There was only one display float - which was good. Don't like the many-floats-not-worth-the-effort-super-messy-and-logistically-crazy stuff. I think previous years there was 'a lot going on' and it looked like organisers were trying very hard...maybe too hard. This year had a simple concept with the usual crowd pleasers (formations, lots of action & colourful costumes), interjected with cute story lines and heartwarming excerpts. 

My top 3 favourite things:

1. "When I grow up" segment
  • Super-duper cute kids talking about their aspiration, with excellent creatives in doodling out their dream aspiration as the kids themselves act it out :) One boy said, "I want to be a PSP-helper...*slumps back in chair sheepishly* and help people play PSP." Too cute :D
2. Song mix
  • Found myself tapping to the song choices as they did a flashback...I like how they expressed this flashback / journey-to-the-past segment through music :)
3. Photos shown
  • Candid and heartwarming - not the kind specially taken to kick up the emo-factor...but those kind dug up from peoples' shoeboxes. Actual memories.

3 things I raised my eyebrows at:
1. Pole dancing??
2. Brief Michael Jackson attempted tribute?
3. And yes, I can't let go off the boxes on their heads.

The ending was nice - with the national song sung acapella. Haven't said the national anthem in unison for ages! Since JC ended...nostalgia.


Yay :)

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