Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm in Washington DC! Ok, not exactly, but near it...on the outskirts, in Maryland. (FYI: Where Josh Harris' church is! Heh) Staying with Claire & Eugene, really nice place and people, feeling extremely blessed!

My feet are still aching from the past few days in NY, so much things to see and do, with so little time! But I defintely want to come back to Manhatten's just so exciting! Everyday there'll random people screaming and shouting in the street, the taxi drivers here should have their licenses revoked, the air here is crisp and nice, every corner wouls seem like the world's tallest skyscraper ever,'s New York! =) It's like the word's capital...can relate to it because so many tv shows and financial hubs are based here.

SO, here are some highlights!

All packed, and uhh...not ready to go

The American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum, more commonly known as the "Met". It's HUGE! This museum holds thousands of artefacts, paintings, mummies, armours, antiques, name it! It's pretty amazing, spent a bulk of our day just walking and walking, and in every turn we took, we found ourselves in a different room.

This is Time Square...the heart of Manhatten! Watched "The Producers" on Broadway, it was waaayyyy cool. really awesome! Was actually just as good, if not even better than the movie itself! They really went all out for THAT'S what I call a Broadway show =) AAaand they had a regular-sized ferris wheel in Toy 'R Us! So happening right...and they had a naked cowboy feature. Where this guy, just dressed in his briefs, boots cowboy hat and guitar would sing the naked cowboy song. And he's in the NYC Guide, can u believe it?

The funny things you see on the streets of New York...

Grand Central Terminal...apparently has good cheesecake too, but didn't manage to try it. Next time =)

There she is! The statue of liberty. Took a ferry to Staten Island (instead of to the statue itself...cos it's free heh) and managed to see her "in person" =) Gabe cried when he saw it...almost.

This is a monument that was near the site of the World Trade Center, it was relocated to the Bowling Green for visitors to see. You can still see the damage and impact that was created...

This is the charging bull at the famous Wall bring good luck to the stock market!...I think.

George Washington...facing the JP Morgan house.

The New York Stock Exchange! The capital of THE WORLD...seriously, if anything bad happened here, all the stock markets in the world would crash. The humongous flag was actually only put up recently after the 9/11 attacks...I guess a symbol of pride for the Americans.

Ground Zero. Ok not really ground zero anymore because they have started building a memorial. because NYC is so full of buildings and skyscrapers at every turn, a massive plot of empty space was quite a difference, and the mood and atmosphere was pretty somber. After watching all that happened on TV, you could imagine what had taken place there...was a pretty heavy feeling.

Random. Haha.

Mouth-watering spicy lunch with the gang at Nyona in Chinatown!

The breath-taking view at the top of the Empire State Building! Was magnificent...took almost a 30min wait to get to the top, but it was worth it.

Phew! Didn't know maintaing a blog was so time-consuming and difficult.

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