Friday, April 28, 2006

I've got feet muscles

It's been a crazy past few days just walking and walking and walking! But that's the best way to see NY & DC! Found out what DC stands for - District of Columbia. Haha never really thought abt it actually...ah well, you learn smtg new everyday.

had a good breakfast prepared by claire before heading out to meet the guys at smithsonian station.

Smithsonian Castle, redecorated inside as an information center...dedicated to the guy who poured in so much to make the musuems so filled, wonderful and accessible (all of them are free) in the name of expanding knowledge! His remains and things are kept and displayed inside...

Visited the American Natural History Museum, was pretty big! Had loads of stuff, from fossils, to gems & minerals.
This is the HOPE diamond, kinda looks like the one in titanic. They traced it's beginnings from the 1600s, and they claim it's the flawless diamond that ever existed...and it's ALMOST the size of my fist! Brenda, Tiffany's is NOTHING compared to this ;)

Met Juline for lunch!! It's been EONS since I last saw ironic, I come here, and she's going back for the summer hols -_- Oh well, at least I get to see her campus & her dorm this coming Fri! =D We're standing in front one of many sculptures in the gardens.

Uhh...bush 'supporters'.

In front of the capitol building...oops we're kinda blocking it!

Too tired & sleepy, will post again another time

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