Sunday, January 20, 2008

First few days in Copenhagen

thanks to those who came but I didn't take a picture with :| much appreciated! :)


Spas ultimate friends...busy photo-taking at the airport without us! haha - will miss you guys ;)

Being brought around CBS (Copenhagen Business School) campus by our exchange buddies - they were extremely helpful! Mine was waiting to pick me and my heavy luggage at the arrival gate :)

My S$3 meal at CBS cafeteria :|

Jiamin's full S$20 meal! *pengsan*

Met Jiamin's apartment-mates; Romina and Marco from Italy. They're extremely nice and hospitable! Really enjoy their company...and Marco is a chef! They invited us to join them for dinner tmr night...mmmm ;)

Getting Jiamin's bike fixed

My bike! Wheels are tiny though :| Takes twice the effort to cycle...see most of the tall Danish long-legged people whiz past me on the left lane. Here they even have traffic lights and special bicycle lanes for cyclists! Apparently more people cycle than drive. Tiring as it is, hope I can keep up the cycling! :)

A street in Copenhagen City. I think this is Old King's Way, the old castle where they used to use it as a summer palace for the royal family in the summer in the 18th century. Will double check that bit of info again!

Random: a stuff toy strapped into a car seat.
The kids here are ultra bundled and...helpless haha.

Accompanied J-man (that's how everyone pronounces his name now) for his first training - and they are super skilled. Very big sized, quick throws and powerful overheads :| gulp.

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