Monday, January 21, 2008


Went to church today, First International Baptist Church. Forgot to take photos! But will have other chances to I hope. Service was a bit short, but enjoyed the sermon. They are going to Portugal for a women's conference in April...maybe can go - sounds interesting! We'll see I guess. A whole gang of us went together today - about 8 of us! Mostly from Singapore, one from Shanghai and the other from HongKong.

Had dinner over at Jiamin's place today! Most wonderful Italian hospitality. We offered to cook for them Asian food...hope we don't disappoint them with our horrible cooking :|

Marco at work in the kitchen

Romina & her Danish friend, Michelle dishing out and mucking about :) Michelle can speak 6 languages!! And really well too.

The wonderfully laid out table for a sumptuous dinner :)

Pasta Bottarga!

Pork neck stuffed with spinach. The meat was so good, tender and yet not too porky. The Italians really know how to appreciate their food! We soaked up the leftover sauce (which they whipped up from scratch) on our plate with his home-made bread. Yes, HOME-MADE. Hmmmm...reminds me of the bread at Zambucca godma! :) We were really so blessed to be welcomed by them with such a nice dinner. They had Romina's Danish friend, and Marco's colleague from work over for dinner! Yes, his colleague! The only 2 chefs in his restaurant at our dinner, having such a wonderful spread before us. This is probably the best meal I'm gonna have for these 5-6months :| While I was eating, I thought to myself I better enjoy it while I can! :p

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