Wednesday, June 04, 2008

International Friendship Day :)

I can safely say that today was one of the best days I've had in Copenhagen :) Not because of anything else, but just hanging out with people I've gotten to know here, eating great food, enjoying brilliant weather and having fantastic conversation. I'm gonna miss the group that I've met in Danish class so much. I think they're really great friends, not only because they're fun to be with, but they are truly down-to-earth people that just make me feel so comfortable to be around. We've been through an entire course of Danish language - and it has been fun practicing together :) Assia (Bulgaria), Cornelia (Austria), Yurong (Taiwan), Louis (Canada) and of course Carol, you guys are the best. My only regret is that I didn't get to meet up with Louis properly before he left! :/ Too bad I'll be missing you when you get back dude.

There were so many pictures for today - but I like them all equally as much! So I decided to post up all of them heh :)

Assia's risotto rice - rice cooked in wine and spices :) 
And her sister's boyfriend, Nick, tending religiously to the barbeque. 

Laying the table for the wonderful spread of purple rice, salad (with absolutely delicious Bulgarian cheese), pasta, mushrooms and the meats!

It was funny because Assia insisted that although their slightly salty Bulgarian cheese tasted like fetta-cheese, it was different and the Bulgarian cheese is the original one of the two :) Just like how it was recently proven that the Bulgarian slavic language was the original language that other Eastern European countries had stemmed from - even the Russian language! The Bulgarians (or maybe it's just Assia) are really patriotic eh? :)

Having fun in the sun!

It got so blazing hot that both Assia and Cornelia decided to change to their bikinis. They even resorted to putting on sunblock. And I decided to sit in the sun to hopefully get a tan haha. Can you believe it - that it was probably high 20s degrees? I mean, we were told the hottest it would get in June was 10deg! But I'm really glad for the weather...I heard it's gonna be sunny the entire week! :D Yay...I decided from now until I leave next Tues, I will force myself to get out of the house and enjoy the sun while I can...and not rot on the couch in front of the T.V. Let's hope that happens.

Our confused looks are thanks to our camera-man, David, who made us all giddy by circling us and taking pictures without warning us -_-

After a real full and fantastic lunch (err...a really late one at the time we ate it was nearl 3pm! :p) We decided to head back to Assia's to eat somemore! :) While we had some coffee, Cornelia was busy whipping up (literally) an Austrian dish called kaiserschmarren! The poor girl worked so hard in the kitchen while some of us bummed in front of the T.V. :p Well, apparently Carol has learnt the recipe - so maybe she'll whip it up one day for us hehe. But I'll definitely try it when I get home - it was delish :) So...yeah, do remind me someone - if you'd like to try kaiserschmarren!

I said she was literally whipping up the dish because the electric mixer didn't work, so we had to use the whisk and try to whip the egg white ourselves. After whipping for like more than half hour Assia's sister had a brilliant idea to but it a bottle and get her burly boyfriend to shake it to death to get the froth hehe.

The 'shaker' and the 'bummers'! 
(Although I would exclude Yurong because she worked hard in the kitchen too!)

The final product and the ever-happy host :)
Did I mention the food was delish??

The end to our never-ending day of eating! :D


Cornelia said...

:-) I can just agree in every single point!!! Will miss you all too and hope seeing you again very soon!!!
Enjoy your time in London and Canada!
Knus, Cornelia

Assia said...

I will miss you guys tooooo! Not fair you are leaving! The photos are really nice hehehehe