Friday, June 23, 2006

Niagara Falls

Still on the bus...with Utt, the future architect =)

The American Falls on the left, and the Horse-shoe Falls straight in front...massive.

Climbing up the stairs to get up-close and personal with the water!

Isaac gazing at the mist the force of the cascading waters created.

Isaac & Carol, all dressed & ready! We were about to head onto a boat called "Maid on the Mist" that goes real close to the Horse-shoe Falls. Yeap, we got wet alright!

Thar she blows! Couldn't take really nice or many pictures got I didn't wanna risk my camera getting wet =P This is the closet shot I got of us on the boat heading straight towards the massive Horse-shoe.


The Rainbow Bridge, that connects the States to Canada. What I've been told is that Americans go across the border to Canada to drink because the age limit there is 19 while here it's 21.

Awww ain't that pweetty....haha I think he's gonna kill me for putting this up =D

I never thought I'd see this - a spongebob toilet bowl. Teehee.

Sorry don't have that many nice pictures of Niagara Falls, it was kinda wet and I didn't take them very well. Hopefully Carol & Isaac have better ones...

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