Friday, June 23, 2006

Saying our good-byes...

Aey, one of my thai apartment-mates. She's so sweet, and a great cook! Always cooking & offering us some of it...

Another of my ex-apt mates, Kwan - the hardworking one! She's the only one in my apt holding TWO jobs, working in Cedarpoint in the day, and then off to Macs at night. Kudos.

Dinner at Steak 'n' Shakes (a 24-hour diner) with the Thais...our farewell dinner =(
(left to right) Thomas, Marcus, Britmand, Shaosheng & Esmond.
Ok ironically this table are all Singaporeans oops.

Utt's masterpiece - over the kitchenette sink in his apartment.

Danny (on his precious strings heh) & Jumbo
Danny brought his whole house to his dorm I tell you, he brought his bass guitar, classical guitar, amplifier, violin...he can play anything, and he taught himself! That's pretty impressive.
Jumbo won me a homer simpson doll from the arcade! It's pretty cute & he was going to win one for Carol on his last day here in Cedarpoint, but he got caught by a manager =P

Nong, me, Mo & Jay! On the night that they were leaving. The cab was coming at 6am, but they were still no where near finished packing at 3am!

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