Monday, June 19, 2006

oh shucks something's wrong with my connection/blog, i can't put up all the pictures that I planned to, sigh. Hope I can do it the next time! It's early! For once I'm back before the recreation center closes, so at least I get to use the internet without a few million other people hogging it. It's because this week I'm selling snowcones, and it's really windy today, bugs are being blown all over the place! (If Gabe were working today he'd be telling us about the bugs that flew into his mouth again haha)Furthermore the ride where my stand is near at is closed today, I think it has to do with the fact that the carriage (with people sitting in it) got stuck on one of the biggest acension of the ride, for 20minutes! Pretty exciting man...for those people sitting in it I mean. So, that means that snowcones were not really selling, and they closed it at about 3smtg. So happy. =)

Anyway I have something to say about people buying these snowcones...I cannot help but wonder why in the world people wanna buy a cone of ice for 4usd. Sure, it's a HUGE cone, and it's got up to 4 flavours of syrup on it...but, IT'S STILL ICE. People would just come up to me and exclaim, "Boy, this has got to be the best deal in the park!" The first time I heard that, I'd just bite my tongue and reply, "You really think so?" And they'd go, "Yeah! I mean, look at the size of that thing!" *Gasp* But these days I just agree with them, no energy to disagree with happy customers who think they're getting their money's worth. I still think 4usd for a small cup of dippin dots is more worth least it's ice-CREAM, and not just ice.

Something worth mentioning, my foot turned blue. Literally. My runner didn't fix the nozzle into the syrup properly so it was leaking all over the wagon floor. So while trying to fix it, I accidently spilled the blue syrup into my right shoe...and throughout the day my foot was just soaking it up while i was working. So my foot is blue.

We went to Niagara Falls last week, and it was good! It was no where near as grand as the grand canyon, but it was a pretty fantastic experience all the same! The falls were pretty huge, and we actually managed to get UNDER one of them! It was CRAZYY. It's where we take a elevator down a shaft to the bottom of the cave, and then we walk up a staircase (which they have to build every spring because of the force of the cascading waters beating down on it) into the falling water itself. There's this point called Hurricane Deck, where if you didn't get wet standing on that spot, you'd get your money back =) The water was just falling on us so fast and heavy, it was really like standing in a hurricane there! I couldn't even open my eyes. Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures, cos our poor cameras would be completely soaked. But one of the best things were the rainbows that we least 3 of them! They were absolutely beautiful...a wonderful reminder from God =)

We got a car! An oldsmobile which we paid 1,000usd. It's old...real old, but the engine is still good & mileage is low. It just looks old and old-fashioned heh. It is so convenient now with a least we can go to walmart anytime and not wait for the bus which only goes down twice daily on weekdays. And of course, for supper! We're still singaporeans after all =) Thank God that no one was hurt in the minor accident that Gabe & Ambrose were in...please pray for us for safety as we drive up to Chicago on 28th June: Carol, Gabe, Ambrose, Yongchang & I.

The Thais left last was a sad time for all of us. I got to know some of them, and they are really wonderful and hospitable people. I really want to go Bangkok end of this year, now that I know so many people there! I miss Utt's crazy animation and his creative drawings and his no end of nonsense, even though his verbal communication is limited (which makes it even funnier). Pan's friendly aura, and his no-ending request that I cook him dinner! (Which i still didn't manage to do before he left =P) Grand's non-accented and funny voice and funny antics. Jumbo & his pro-camera, and his thoughtfulness to everyone around him. Ploy for just being so cute as she is, and watching her attention for me go to zero when our good-looking manager steps into the cafeteria. Tangmo for her sweetness & excited energy. Byrd for never failing to make sure every single person's tummy is filled with his homecooked meals! Mo, Nong, Jay...sigh. I think one of the best things of coming here, are meeting people like those I've met. I hope I can be a blessing to others, just as they have been to me.

Our roomates from thailand left last week too...and goodness. After we said our goodbyes the night before (because we were working early morning the next day so we won't be able to see them), I came back from work the next day thinking they haven't left yet, because the house was IN A HUGE TORNADO-WARNING STANDARD MESS. They left half eaten food and plastic bags everywhere, and they even clothes and shoes behind! But the apartment is kinda empty now without them around...wish I got more time to get to know them better! Anw, one of the days I just put on the gloves that mom convinced me to bring (thanks uncle tsaohui & auntie christina), got the broom, dustpan & sponge, and did my springcleaning. And MAAAANNNN. It felt good. Even though the apartment is not *sparkling* clean, but it is SO much better...I can at least walk around in the kitchenette area, and not tiptoe for fear of stepping on something sticky. I actually took photos, so I'll put it up the next time =)

Very thankful to hear LR & church camp went smoothly =) Can't wait to come back home and get the updates from you guys...

Today is Father's Day, and I miss home, family & really take things for granted when you're comfortable & sheltered. Hearing Danny so willing talk and share about his family, roots, life & lifestyle back in Toledo makes me want to just go home & help Dad wash the car, or go fishing. Happy Father's Day Dad =) Miss you Mom & Jie! And Kor I hope you get the package I sent...hopefully before your exams end heh =P Hang in there brudder.

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