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Day trip to Roskilde 15 Feb 08

Departing from Hovedbånegardens Station
(a.k.a. Grand Central Station) to Roskilde, the previous capital of Denmark.

I honestly didn't think this trip would amount to anything much, after all it's just another town outside of Copenhagen that is probably hyped-up for tourists. Well, it is semi-true, while they kept highlighting the fact that Roskilde was a place of the vikings, it was one of the most important cities in the 11th century...and is 'home' to the body of King Harald I (those of you who know the anglo-saxon literature, or movie for that matter, Beowolf). I was really impressed with their materials for tourists...really tourist-friendly with excellent maps. Funny town.

A very pretty graveyard...serious.

Beautiful skies :)
and yup, that's David & Carol on the left

Inside the Roskilde Cathedral,
where all Danish kings - and almost all queens - have been buried since the Reformation.

Before the Reformation in 1536, the cathedral was Catholic (evident from the Catholic-looking High Altar) but they later removed the side altars and new furniture was installed for the new Protestant service.

That section of the Cathedral was funny, because they had actual scratch marks on the pillar to indicate the height of the kings...and one of the Christians (either I or III) was only a few cm taller than the visiting Thai king at that taller than 1.63cm. Looks like they saved some marble from making his coffin.


Frederik V (1746-66)
One of the tombs that awed me the most.
[with our 'tour-guide', Rasmus, at the far-left corner]

Amazing work of art.
Loved how this coffin was 'decorated', so sombre yet stately.

The view of the sanctuary, with Harald Bluetooth lying in the foreground.

Sarcophagus of Queen Margrete I
(surprisingly there are only 2 queen Margrete-s to this day)
They say a special bell is rung twice daily in commemoration of this queen....
but I didn't hear nothing. Owells.

The 1554 grand baroque organ.
We were trying to see if there was anyone up there playing...
but figured it was probably a tape playing.

Roskilde Palace

I know what you're thinking - THIS? is a PALACE? I had the same reaction. But it's no longer a real palace, it's the bishop's residence, since 1923. And today it also houses a few museums (that we were too kiam to pay to enter)

Inside the Viking Ship Museum...
Oh yes, let the mighty viking alpha-males roar.
(Although David looks quite happy to be a viking)

These ships displayed just outside the Viking Ship museum are exact replicas from the ships that made years ago. They built these ships from scratch with the tools and materials used from that time period...yeap, that means with old fashion tools such as axes to cut the timbre.
Such hard work!

Haha...'tis for me waddles.
Can you believe they managed to fit 30 vikings in one of these ships??
Oh boy, the smell...

The original viking ships from the 11th century.

While we were in the museum, the lake froze over...and the excited boys (yes, I emphasize the choice word of boys :P) scurried to throw whatever they could find, into the water.

The evidence caught on tape.

Us...uh, blocking the Roskilde station in the background :P

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