Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dinner at Orsi's, 16 Feb 08

The wonderful meal Orsi [Hungary] cooked/baked from scratch.
Main dish: Hungarian Goulash
(which I unfortunately didn't take a picture of as we were busy eating :P)

Our host(ess) making drinks...

Dimo [Bulgaria]
I thought he was posing for me, but it turned out he was holding out the glass asking me to help as the drink was overflowing...oops, miscommunication! :p

This dinner was organised by my Hungarian friend, Orsi whom I met during our first week of school orientation. She's a fantastic host, and the dinner company was really quite international :) Heh. It made dinner all the more interesting, as people were trying hard to understand each other, and it was quite funny in some instances. But, it was real heartwarming to see that all of us were trying, and enjoying the company, and not just some 'forced social gathering' :) The Europeans are really quite friendly and very willing to come out of their comfort zone/social clique...those not in their home country anyways! :p

Was completely bemused by the interesting cup designs that Orsi had!
Left: A coffee cup that you hold by rim
Right: A ceramic cup molded to look like a crushed plastic cup
(I almost bought that for you Jie! :p)

Dimitri [Greece] trying to get Dimo to try his concoction
L2R: Dimitri, Orsi & Dimo
With Dimitri looking set to make everyone drunk with his drinks.

Orsi lives in this really nice (and expensive) apartment with her Danish boyfriend

So, story is that she's already been in Denmark for the past year or so, but only just decided to transfer to her uni in Hungary bored her to tears :/

Wanted a picture with us and the host(ess), but the
French dudes decided they wanted to 'chap' in haha.
Both French dudes are Thomas.

The dinner company! :)
L2R: Thomas, me, Annika [Netherlands], Jiamin, Dominika [Poland], Dimo & Thomas

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Tom said...

After a lifetime of never meeting another Orsi, the net is finding a few.

The odd thing is that I'm a Thomas, too!

Looked like a nice meal - I cook too.