Monday, March 10, 2008

Get ready for some tear-jerking laughter

Ultimate Frisbee Seeding Competition
23 Feb 08
It's different from outdoors, the indoor competition is 5-on-5, much faster and way more high fancy throws (no wind to blow it away mah). Anyway it was pretty exciting, and although there were only 4-5 teams playing round robin...gosh, it taught me that size really does matter @_@

The Flying Circus after their 'pep-talk'
(of which Jiamin understood nothing, because they were speaking in Danish all the time :p)

Their post-game with Ragnarok's II (second team in blue)

Ragnarok I, Copenhagen's seeded top team.
The guy in the foreground's like 2m tall @_@
He came for Flying Circus training once, and he was THE MAN I tell you. Caught EVERY single thing that came in his way...even during drills.

The Spinners

Post-game; Ragnarok I vs Spinners.
It wasn't a close score, but Spinners fought really hard.
And just to give you a rough sense of the size of these players, I'm up to no. 2's armpit.

Post-game: Flying Circus vs Spinners
(the young guy in blue pattern pants looks like Harry Potter! :p)

Biased videos of Flying Circus vs Ragnarok II heh.

Flying Circus team-talk

The Flying Circus Jersey
(Jiamin & Oscar)

Aaaand finally, the best thing that happened at the game :D


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