Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dinner with Poo Chu, 21 Feb 08

Was invited to dinner by Godma's friend. She's a bubbly Malaysian lady, who married a Danish and has been here for the past...13 years or so. I expected to be having dinner at her place, but when I got there, it turns out that she was bringing me along to a dinner with her girl-friends heh. So after finding out the directions to her friend's place (and also after taking a quick snap shot of her and her family), began my cycle up north to Østerport.

Poo Chu & her family
(minus one boy who was in school I think)

Poo Chu in the background
Karen hiding somewhere in the middle
Thora in the foreground

It was Karen's place that we went to, also a Malaysian. Her bunch of girl-friends are all working in Unicef, and it's been by far the most intriguing and captivating dinner company that I've ever been in. Thora's from Baghdad, and the whole night I was just listening to her stories...stories of when she was a child, where and what kind of environment she grew up in, what her work in Baghdad entailed, the friends she lost in the war...gosh, it was never-ending. I wish I could have stayed to listen to her talk the whole night. I wouldn't be able to document it all here though, but I will one of these days...I hope she gets to write the book (about her life story) that she has been wanting to do :)

Scrumptious dinner

(ask Su Re! :p)

And more Hyggelige...

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