Monday, May 08, 2006

Day 9...already??

I can hardly believe I've been working here for more than a week...ok, not really working. "Working". =) I don't really wanna bring my camera to work, so I prob won't be posting as many pictures...and type more words in my blog! Hehe. So this is prior warning: Have plenty of eye-rest before reading this page! =)

Work here has been pretty uneventful, as I still can't get over their inefficiency, and the way they do things here...they have NO form of system really. Like today for example, I'm sitting here in the recreation center, in the middle of the day, getting good internet...why? Cos everyone else is working in the park except a selected few told to go home cos there was nothing else for us to do. Which I really doubt, cos today's a Sunday, and there ARE going to be crowds! Just that at that point of time, John (one of the area supervisors) didn't have anything for me to do. Yeesh. Haha Mark (one of the cotton-candy guys) has been trying to convince me that Americans are stupid. Pretty funny, since HE'S an American himself! But apart from the inefficiency around here, what makes up all of that, are the people here. They are really fun, friendly and nice...there's Danny, Ebony, Josh, Fred, the thai peeps, Nong, Byrd, Pan, etc...will introduce them again.

Oh no I gtg now, will update again sigh.

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