Thursday, May 04, 2006

Johny Rockets!!

Haven't been able to update in a while, so sorry guys! Upon touching down here in Ohio, internet has been really hard to get, and for the past few days, the router in recreation centre was down...and they got a new one today!! =)

It's been real bo-liao past few days actually, cos the amusement park doesn't open till saturday, the 'foods' people are basically just cleaning and re-cleaning...and RE-CLEANING. Nothing much...Carol & I got assigned to wagons, so we'll most likely have a cotton candy wagon or smtg...we'll know tmr =)

but today was HAPPENING man!! After another day of 'acting busy' (which according to yongchang is what guys have been trained in army haha), we were invited to go to Cedarpoint's Johny Rockets (the largest in the world!) to try out the food! AWWWEESOMEEE!! Johny Rockets is actually a diner fashioned after the 1940s era, where they have really enthusiastic staff, had little jukeboxes on the table where they gave u nickels to play songs like "Staying Alive" (beegees), "Chapel of love" & "Walk like a man" (but sing like a woman haha). Cool stuff. Every 20 min, the waiters would start yelling and whopping, and then the service will come to a standstill, and they'll dance. Yes, they'll start DANCING! It was SOOOO fun! I had SO much fun watching them, that I can't imagine how fun it must be to be in their shoes and dancing as well. Really had a taste of the American culture here this evening, they were really going ALL out and really enjoying themselves. Man. =) AND. This young lady sung their national anthem at one point. I heard smtg about her being on American Idol, but then again I could be wrong. SHE WAS POWERFUL! She has like...4 lungs or smtg! She belted out at the climax SO LOUD that my ears were LITERALLY ringing. Whoop.

Today was a good day...and their closing the recreation centre now. Drat.

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