Friday, May 19, 2006

Discoveries of the past week

Americans are not rude. On the contrary, their phrases ALWAYS start with, "Hi, how are you doin?" They would make the extra effort to ask how you are, on top of the normal, "Hi"s. Except whether they want to hear your reply is a different issue! =) And over here, if you want someone to repeat him/herself, you just have to go, "Hah?" And no, it's not the singaporean ah-pek, "HAH??". I found that when I couldn't make out someone's accent, and I went, "I'm sorry?" And she looked at me funny, and asked me what I was sorry for. So from now on, let's do it the American way..."Hah?" =)

Haven't been updating much about my life here, just been posting up pictures =P So I'll try to do a little summary...

When we touched down, Carol & I had a little accommodation issue. Well to cut the long story short, the girls we are staying with were initially not very happy about us moving in, as it means less space and privacy for them. To be honest, I understand where they're coming a certain extent. I want my space & privacy (and not to mention, safety!) too, just that they really have no choice but to let us stay, as even if it's not us moving in, there will be other girls in the room as well. At this point I'm really thankful Carol & I moved from the Commons Apartment to the Bayside Apartments. The difference is...10 less people. 'Nuff said. Anyway the Commons is very 'happening', there will be cops every other night, because of some fight or some girl crying wolf, or a fire alarm which went off probably because of someone smoking in the dorm. The guys' apartment ceiling light went out cos their upstairs neighbours were either wrestling or playing DDR really enthusiastically.

Well even if the Commons are 'happening', we girls at the Bayside had our share of a saga as well. We have 2 bedrooms, a living room & a kitchenette in our apartment, and when we first came, 2 girls slept in the living room on the sofabed (don't ask me why) and the other 2 girls slept in the other bedroom. One night when we were all in slumberland, I woke up because of what sounded like really loud laughter outside in the living room. I sat up and I saw Carol was up too, and I just said, "Those girls are mad" and went back to sleep. And fyi, if I could actually wake up from something, it is REALLY loud. In the morn we asked the other girls wad happened, and they told us that one of the girls sleeping in the living room saw a ghost and she got scared and went into their room crying. Long story short, they were hysterical by the time everyone woke up. And Carol & I happily went back to sleep heh. Well that kinda worked in our favour cos then they didn't sleep in the living room anymore, and I don't feel bad about sprawling over the sofa now.

Cooking. I cook! Or at least I try to. I tried beef vermicelli the night before, and it was not bad ok...except that the noodles were not thoroughly cooked, and it just sucked up all the sauce so were were left with a weird-looking dish. But's edible. I'll learn a culinary skill or two by the time I get back home ;)

Thank God for the weekly devotion/sharing/worship sessions we have every week; just had our second one last night, and we seem to be increasing in numbers =) I hope more people can join in as the week's go by. Am very thankful for sessions, it feels nice to sing songs with other people again. =) I hope this continues.

That's all from me for now, cos Carol is falling asleep at the table hehe. I'll post pictures next time. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers.

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