Monday, May 29, 2006

Managed to sneak in my camera to work one of the you can see I was pretty bored in my dippon dots stand haha.
"Would you like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate or Cookies & Cream with Oreo?"

Hoo yeah. The good stuff in BULK.
Was still bored.

The view from my dippin dots stand last week...I got kana scolded for taking this shot by this supervisor who saw me happily taking pictures haha. This week I was posted at a different stand, so different view...and too busy to take photos during work =P

The view of the dragster from my shoots you up at a 90 degree angle at 130miles in 5 sec. Whooboy.

One of the first few kiddy rides I sat on to 'warm-up' for the bigger ones later in the summer =)

Carol, Me, Nick (standing), Danny & Jumbo...we're all in the wagons dept!

Carol & Nick playing table-tennis in the rec of the ways to destress after work, if you're not dead from aching feet and a sore throat from talking all day yet!

Our visit to Walmart...the whole row of freezers was filled with ice-cream! And yeap, you saw that right, Carol's in front of the drool-worthy Ben & Jerry's...haha. Man, we're eating Ben & Jerry's EVERY night...and I'm not exaggerating. Gulp.

Some friends I've met here - I'm sitting with Preow (thailand), behind us are Reina (left) & Marilyn from Singapore...they extra extra popped their heads into the picture when I was taking with Preow hehe.

To prevent Cedarpoing employees from going mad from working to much, they hold some activities at the rec center now and then. This is BINGO NIGHT! Haha...yes yes, nothing exciting, but still. The prizes were good ok...was hoping to win the huge teddy bear so it could be my substitute bolster while I'm here. Speaking of which, Americans don't use bolsters! Gasp. Should've seen Danny's face when I was trying to describe it to him...his reaction was like, "What? Why would anyone need a cylindrical pillow??" Teehee. Oh, this is Carol & Utt! =)

Ploy! The cutest & friendliest thai girl I've met here in Cedarpoint =)

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