Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Birds gone wild

The birds are crazy. They attack people!! Just today, I got attacked by a small black bird with colourful wings, THRICE. They just swoop down out of no where, and just attacked my ponytail, and before I knew what was that, it was gone. I'm just thankful they aren't the huge seagulls.

Today was a good day, in terms of work. Wasn't working anywhere in general, so I just sat in the 'camp' (where they store all the things they need for wagons like cups, spoons, etc) and did miscellaneous stuff. Which was pretty good! Quite slack and relaxing, and I was training my biceps by scooping out at least 20 bags of ice today, for the snowcones. They snowcones they sell here are like the iceballs they use to sell in the old days in Singapore...except here, they charge $4!! Amazingly overpriced huh. But people still buy, because it's SO HOT out here...I think it's safe to say:


It's hot, humid, and...very hot. As hot as singapore, but I THINK Singapore is more humid...

Groan I miss singapore food! =P

Prayer requests:
1) That I'll be able to get the morning off to go to church next sunday
2) Discipline in doing quality quiet time
3) That God will take away the discomfort in my throat...think got a little dehydrated today!

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